The IDERA Dashboard provides web and back-end services shared across multiple IDERA products.

The IDERA Dashboard consists of the following components:

Web Application Service

The Web Application Service is a Windows service that wraps the Apache Tomcat server.  The Web Application Service serves up the dashboard (IDERA Dashboard) and SQL BI views and widgets that are displayed in the web console.  The Web Application Service requires two ports:

  • Standard HTTP port (by default 9290)
  • SSL port (9291)

Core Service

The Core Service is a C# (.NET 4.0 Framework) based Windows service that hosts dashboard and SQL BI REST APIs that are used by the Web Application Service to configure and retrieve data.  Besides, the Core Service handles product registration, security, configuration, product data, and event aggregation. 

The Core Service uses two ports, one for REST API and the other for .NET remoting:

  • Core Service REST API port (by default 9292)
  • .NET remoting port (by default 9293)

Core Repository

The Core Repository is a database where stores all dashboard's configuration and aggregated data. The Core Repository database is hosted on a SQL Server instance and is accessed by the Core Service to retrieve data.


To learn more about the integration of the SQL BI Manager with IDERA Dashboard and how it works, see Integration with the IDERA Dashboard.


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