Upgrading SQL Business Intelligence Manager to the latest release allows you to take advantage of the brand new features. You can easily upgrade it by following the checklist below.

Upgrade checklist

To successfully upgrade your SQL Business Intelligence Manager to the latest build, make sure to follow and complete the next steps. 

        Follow these steps
Verify to meet or exceed the hardware requirements and software requirements.
Ensure your Windows login account has local administrator permissions.
Review the product architecture.
Close all open applications on the computer you intend to upgrade.
Upgrade your SQL Business Intelligence Manager installation.

The steps above support upgrades from SQL Business Intelligence Manager versions 1.1 or later.

To successfully upgrade SQL Business Intelligence Manager, your installation needs to be running IDERA Dashboard 2.2 or later. If your installation is running an earlier version of the IDERA Dashboard, it displays an alert message suggesting you to install the latest version of the IDERA Dashboard.

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