Designed in partnership with major auditing firms and leading security experts, IDERA SQL Compliance Manager provides a powerful auditing and compliance solution for Microsoft SQL Server users. SQL Compliance Manager is a secure, lightweight auditing and reporting solution for Microsoft SQL Server designed to meet the needs of enterprise-scale SQL Server implementations. SQL Compliance Manager provides unparalleled auditing and reporting services that help you meet the stringent requirements of today's internal and external security standards.

SQL Compliance Manager provides many critical features:

  • Low overhead data collection
  • Central Repository of audit data
  • Central Management Console
  • Pre-defined compliance reports
  • Secure ad-hoc queries for auditors
  • Forensic analysis
  • Efficient, secure data archival
  • Comprehensive reporting to satisfy audit requirements (PCI DSS, HIPAA)

SQL Compliance Manager is the only solution that lets you quickly, easily, and securely answer the demands of on-the-spot reports, routine audits, and long-term event trending across your SQL Server environment.

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