After you install SQL Enterprise Job Manager, you can log into the web application with the following link: http://<ServerName>:<PortNumber>, where the default port number is 9290.

Windows integrated authentication

If your Windows credentials are registered with SQL Enterprise Job Manager, then you can bypass the login process using Windows integrated authentication (You may need to configure your browser for this option, go to Configuring your browser for Windows Authentication  to find out more information).

Take into account that accounts running the SQLEnterpriseJobManagerWebApplicationService that are not part of the Local Administrator group will not be able to bypass the login process using Windows integrated authentication when they use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome as browsers.

Login page

If you have not configured Windows integrated authentication, a login page is displayed where you can type the details of your registered account. You can use the account you defined during the installation process. 

In the login page use the following format: <domain\user>, then type the respective password.

You must be a registered user in SQL Enterprise Job Manager in order to access the application.

Session time out 

Your session will expire if there is no activity after 30 minutes but you can configure these settings from the Administration tab. For more information, go to Adding users, assigning roles, and editing their sessions timeouts.

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