The Idera Dashboard and SQL Inventory Manager consist of a light, unobtrusive architecture that easily runs in your SQL Server environment with minimal configuration. All components run outside and separate from SQL Server processes.

  • Idera Dashboard. Provides web and back-end services, shared across multiple Idera products. To learn more about the Idera Dashboard components and architecture, see Idera Dashboard components and architecture.
  • SQL Inventory Manager. Offers a simple architecture which runs in your SQL Server environment with minimal configuration. The web-based interface allows you to easily access the status of your environment from any computer at any location without adding or modifying your native SQL Server files or services. This topic contains additional information about the SQL Inventory Manager components and architecture.

SQL Inventory Manager consists of the following components:

SQL Inventory Manager User Interface

SQL Inventory Manager provides a web-based user interface. This interface is used to view data about your monitored SQL Server instances, as well as to administer SQL Inventory Manager.

The web-based user interface does not require IIS or other internet servers.

The user interface web service is self-hosting and through it you can find multiple views that help you to:

  • Discover instances in the environment that you specify and register those you want to monitor.
  • Monitor availability, capacity, configuration, and performance data from your monitored instances, their respective databases, and host computers.
  • View health check recommendations and availability status for monitored instances and databases. 
  • Receive email alerts on availability and capacity issues.
  • View instances information grouped by tags, owners, locations, and other filters.
  • Export health checks recommendations and instance information from the different tabs.
  • View information that will help you assess your SQL Server licensing requirements.

This Web Application can seamlessly be accessed through Internet Explorer 9 or later, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

You can access SQL Inventory Manager web application through the following link:

http://<ServerName>:<web application port>

Where ServerName is the name of the machine on which you installed the SQL Inventory Manager services and the Web application port refers to the one you specified during installation, or by default port 9276.


You have to grant new users access to be able to login into Idera SQL Inventory Manager web interface. For adding users go to   Managing users in SQL Inventory Manager .

SQL Inventory Manager services 

Idera SQL Inventory Manager uses the following windows services:

  • Idera Web Server
  • Idera Core Service
  • Idera SQL Inventory Manager Collection Service 

Idera SQL Inventory Manager uses the Collection Service account to gather information from monitored instances and their host computers. To change this default setting, go to Editing instances properties.

SQL Inventory Manager repositories

Idera SQL Inventory Manager creates the two following databases on installation:

  • Idera SQL Inventory Manager Repository
  • Idera Core Services Repository

These databases store information related to application users, configuration information, and data gathered for the monitored instances.

The following diagram represents Idera SQL Inventory Manager architecture:

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