IDERA SQL Compliance Manager allows you to audit and report on your clustered SQL Server environment. See Deploy SQL Compliance Manager in a clustered environment using Windows Server 2008 and later for installation and configuration instructions.

The IDERA Dashboard does not provide support for clustered environments, you need to install it in a stand-alone machine first. For more information on installation and configuration instructions, see  Deploy the IDERA Dashboard in clustered environments.

It is possible to install and use IDERA SQL Compliance Manager without installing the IDERA Dashboard.

The IDERA Dashboard works as a complement of SQL Compliance Manager, allowing you to monitor SQL Server instances remotely.

To learn more about this product, visit IDERA Dashboard.

When a primary node of an AG becomes a secondary node, previously collected trace files fail to process and remain gathered on the Passive node. Once the node becomes Active the trace files continue to process normally.

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