Auditing your IDERA SQL Compliance Manager implementation is called self-auditing. Self-auditing consists of regularly checking the integrity of the Repository databases. You can also audit the Repository databases. For example, you can audit specific events, such as logins, on the Repository. For more information, see Register Your SQL Servers and Verify Audit Data Integrity.

Tracking SQL Compliance Manager activities is called monitoring. By default, the Collection Server gathers specific event data on the Repository databases. SQL Compliance Manager automatically monitors change activity as well as SQL Compliance Manager Agent events. SQL Compliance Manager lists these activities and events in the Activity and Change Logs. For more information, see Monitor SQL Compliance Manager Activities.  

Using these built-in features, you can ensure your audit settings and data remain secure and uncompromised. You can also ensure your SQL Compliance Manager implementation complies with your internal and external policies.

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