After installing the SQL Compliance Manager components on your cluster nodes, create the clustered service resources to allow SQL Compliance Manager to recognize the cluster nodes.

Registering SQL Compliance Manager services with Microsoft Failover Cluster Manager allows the Microsoft Cluster Service to manage the services in failover situations. The following configuration ensures the high availability of the services during a failover.

Below you can find a set of instructions to register the SQL Compliance Manager services as a clustered resource:

Adding SQL Compliance Manager Collection service to an existing role

After finishing the installation in all nodes, go to the active node and follow the steps below. 

  1. Open the Microsoft Failover Cluster Manager and select Roles
  2. Right-click on the SQL Server role, point to Add Resource, and select Generic Service

  3. Microsoft Failover Cluster Manager displays the New Resource Wizard
  4. Select SQLcompliance Collection Service, click Next, review the generic service configuration summary, and click Finish
  5. In the Roles section, right-click the SQLcompliance Collection Service, and select Properties

  6. On the General tab, check the Use Network Name for computer name box, and click Apply

    If this action throws an error, try again after configuring the following information:

    Go to the Dependencies tab, add the following resources: SQL Server and SQL Server Agent, and click Apply.

  7. On the Registry Replication tab, click Add
  8. Type Software\Idera\SQLCM and click OK

    The Registry Replication tab is not available in Windows Server 2012.

    If you are using Windows Server 2012, you must use the "Add-ClusterCheckpoint" PowerShell cmdlet to add the necessary setting.

    For more information, see Add ClusterCheckpoint.

  9. In the Roles section right-click the SQLcompliance Collection Service and Bring the resource Online

  10. Open the Microsoft Failover Cluster Manager on the other nodes and verify if the SQLcompliance Collection Service is online. 

After registering the collection service as a clustered resource, proceed to install the IDERA Cluster Configuration Console to configure the SQL Compliance Manager Agent.   

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