Before upgrading your SQL Compliance Agents, review the permissions requirements and how the SQL Compliance Manager Agent works.

Consider the scenarios described below for SQL Compliance Manager Agent installation and upgrade.

If the SQL Compliance Manager Agent is:

To upgrade the agent manually with the command line, it is required to use only the SQL Compliance Manager Agent MSI.

Upgrade an agent deployed to a remote server

You can upgrade the SQLcompliance Agent remotely using the Management Console. Use this approach to upgrade agents on any registered SQL Server where you remotely installed the agent.

To upgrade a remote SQLcompliance Agent:

  1. In the Navigation pane, click Administration, and then select Registered SQL Servers in the Administration tree.
  2. In the view pane, right-click the SQL Server instance for which you want to upgrade the SQLcompliance Agent.
  3. Select Upgrade Agent from the context menu.

If you deployed an agent on a remote server via the SQL Compliance Manager console and want to upgrade it to this build, you can also use the upgrade command of the SQL Compliance Manager silent installer.

Upgrade an agent locally

You can use the SQL Compliance Manager setup program to upgrade the SQLcompliance Agent on the local computer that is running the registered SQL Server instance. Use this approach when you are upgrading the SQLcompliance Agent on a registered SQL Server where you manually installed the agent.

Upgrade an agent with a command line

To upgrade the IDERA SQL Compliance Manager Agent for versions 5.5 and later, use the following command:

msiexec /i "<Path_to_Agent_MSI>\SQLcomplianceAgent-x64.msi" /l*v InstallAgent.log COLLECT_SERVER="IderaCollectionServerName" INSTANCE="AgentSQLServerInstanceName" TRACE_DIRECTORY="C:\Program Files\Idera\SQLcompliance\AgentTraceFiles" SERVICEUSERNAME="Domain\Username" PASSWORD="!mySec@tP@55w0rD" STARTSERVICE="TRUE" SILENT="1" REINSTALLMODE=vamus REINSTALL=All AllUsers=1 /qb+

To upgrade the IDERA SQL Compliance Manager Agent from 4.5 to this version and later, use the following command:

msiexec /i "\SQLcomplianceAgent-x64.msi" /l*v InstallAgent.log SERVICEUSERNAME="Domain\Username" PASSWORD="!mySec@tP@55w0rD" STARTSERVICE="TRUE" SILENT="1" AllUsers=1 /qb+ 

Upgrade an agent in a clustered environment

You can easily upgrade a SQLcompliance Agent for a SQL Server instance located in a Windows cluster by running the setup program. Perform the following steps on each node (computer) of the cluster.

When you upgrade the SQLcompliance Agent, the associated CLI trigger is deleted and recreated. This update can take several minutes. During this time, the SQLcompliance Agent status will show that it is unavailable due to a CLR error. Use the Activity Log to track when the new CLI trigger install completes.

To upgrade an agent on a cluster node:

  1. Log on with an administrator account to the cluster node. Start with the currently active node.
  2. Bring the SQLcompliance Agent generic service for this SQL Server resource group offline.
  3. Run SQLCMInstall.EXE in the root of the installation kit.
  4. After completing the upgrade on a clustered environment, go to the SQL Compliance Manager install path. Unless you have specified a different path, the one by default is C:\Program Files\IDERA\SQLCompliance.
  5. Run SQLcomplianceClusterSetup.EXE.

  6. The installer displays a confirmation message. Click Yes if you want to upgrade the IDERA Cluster Configuration Console.  
  7. Once the setup wizard launches, click the Next to complete the upgrade. 
  8. After the upgrade completes, the Cluster Configuration Console automatically starts.
  9. When prompted, specify the directory location you want SQL compliance manager to use to store CLR trigger assemblies.
  10. In Windows Services, stop the SQL Compliance Manager Agent service and set the Startup type to Manual.
  11. Open Microsoft Failover Manager, right-click the SQL Compliance Manager Agent service, and select Properties.
  12. Go to the Registry Replication tab, set the Root Registry Key to Software\Idera\SQLCM, save the changes and close the Properties window.  
  13. Right-click the SQL Compliance Manager Agent service and bring the generic service online.

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