SQL Enterprise Job Manager gathers information from the registered instances and collects information from the instances status, SQL Server Agent status, job status, and other properties.

The following table shows you the frequency with which SQL Enterprise Job Manager collects information.

Data CategorySchedule

By default, every 6 minutes but configurable per instance.

  • Min value: 1 minute
  • Max value: 34560 minutes

Instance Discovery

By default, every 12 hours (720 min). This value is configurable through the service configuration file. For more information, click here.

  • Min value: 1 Minute.
  • Max value: 34560 minutes


(Job History information)

By default, this job runs daily at 1:00 AM

The run time is configurable through the SQL Server Management Studio console for SQL Server instances that do not have an Express Edition. 

Users can set "Keep data for" that defines how long Job History data will be kept before being groomed in the daily 1:00 AM job. If users do not specify this setting, the default value is 30 days.

Refresh collection Every minute SQL Enterprise Job Manager detects if there are new changes and the Refresh option becomes available.

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