When you add a job, you can define the steps that are part of that job. A step is an action that the job performs on a database or server. 

The Steps section of the Add Job wizard allows you to create new steps, edit them, and organize their sequence according to your requirements.

What information can you see on the steps list section?

The Steps section of this wizard displays the list of steps already created for the respective job. You can see the following information:

  • Step - displays the Step ID number 
  • Step Name - shows the name defined for the step
  • Type - displays the type of step defined 
  • On Success - shows the action to be executed if the step is successful
  • On Failure - displays the action to be executed if the step fails

How do you organize steps?

Below the list of steps, you have the following options for organizing and moving your created/inserted steps:

  • Click a step on the list and use the options UP  or DOWN to move it to the position you want. 
  • Use the option Start Step to select which step the job starts with; use the drop-down arrow to select the respective step.

How do you create new steps? 

To create new steps, use the option New at the top of this section.  

You can also use the option Insert when you want to insert a new step above a selected one on the list of steps. 

For more information of what information you need to specify in order to create a new step, go to Creating new jobs steps

How do you edit steps?

To edit a previously created step, click the step you want to edit in the list of steps, and click Edit.

How do you delete steps?

To delete a specific step, click the step you want to remove in the list of steps, and click Delete.

After making your settings in the Steps section of this wizard, you can finish and save the job, or you can go to any of these sections: General, Schedules, AlertsNotificationsTargets.

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