You can subscribe to alert rules from the Actions option of the Alert Rules tab. When you subscribe to alert rules, you can receive notifications from these alert rules in the email address you specify. To add or edit email addresses for users, go to Manage Users in the Administration tab.

Take into account that you must configure your SMTP server settings first in order to receive notifications. For more information, go to Configuring your email SMTP server settings. 

How do you subscribe/unsubscribe to Alert Rules?

To subscribe/unsubscribe to alert rules, select the alert rule you want to subscribe to in the Alert Rules tab, click the gear icon of the selected alert rule, and click Subscribe/Unsubscribe according to your requirements.

You can also select several alert rules at once and Subscribe/Unsubscribe to them.

How do you subscribe to all critical Alert Rules?

The option Subscribe to all critical Alert Rules lets you subscribe to all alert rules that have a critical severity in your environment. You can find this option in the following sections:

  • Administration tab - Go to the Manage users option and when you add/edit a new user you can select the option to subscribe to all critical alerts. For more information, go to Adding, Editing, and Removing users.
  • Administration tab - Go to Manage Subscriptions for all users, click the number of notifications to access the Subscriptions window where you can select to subscribe to all critical alerts.

Keep in mind that when you subscribe to all critical alerts, you need to unsubscribe to all of them first, to be able to subscribe/unsubscribe individually to one or several selected alert rules.

How do you manage subscriptions for all users?

As a user with Administrator role, you can manage subscriptions per user. For more information, go to the Administration tab, and click Manage Subscriptions for all users. 

The option for Managing Subscriptions for all users from the Administration tab is only available to users with Administrator role.

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