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  • Add/remove Instances - Select the instances where you want to create the job. Choose the instances in the Available Instances column and click > to add them to the Selected instances section. You can also use >> to select all available instances.  
  • Name - Type a name that better describes your job. 
  • Owner -  Select the owner of this Job. SQL Enterprise Job Manager allows you to select the owner from a list of available users obtained from the instance you have selected before.  
  • Category - Select a category for your job (Data Collector, Log Shipping, REPL-Alert Response, or others).
  • Enable - Define if you want your job enabled or disabled. You can create jobs and enable them later. When the job is disabled, the job does not run in response to a schedule or alert. 
  • Maintenance mode - Enable this option to add a maintenance window in your instance for job maintenance. For more information, please see below.

    Jobs created in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) do not have the option of selecting jobs for Maintenance Mode; however, you can apply it via Edit Job in the SQL Enterprise Job Manager Web Console.
  • Update token - Select the key you to update and set the actual value. 


    This option is only available for created jobs with the action Copy Job Items .

  • Description - Write a short description of your job to help you identify its objectives, steps, and any other relevant information.