SQL Enterprise Job Manager Overview tab allows you to see a summary of the most important information of your environment and get a general overview of the status of your instances and their respective monitored jobs. 

On the Overview tab you can find:

  • A list of the current active alerts for your SQL Server instances and their monitored jobs.
  • A list of all your managed SQL Server instances with the most important information about their jobs.
  • summary sidebar with the most relevant information such as failed jobs, disabled jobs, failed tasks, disabled tasks, failed job chains, disabled job chains, instances not contacted, agents not running, managed instances, monitored jobs, monitored tasks, monitor job chains, and number of active alerts. 

What other options are available on the Overview tab?

On the All Instances section of the Overview tab, you can also find options to:

How do you export the data available?

If you want to export all the information displayed in the current view of the All Instances section, click  Export on the bar options, and choose the format you want to use for exporting your information: CSV, XML, or PDF.

How do you refresh the data available?

Whenever you want to update the information presented on the All Instances section, click on theRefresh gear icon.

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