IDERA SQL Secure provides the following new features and fixed issues.

4.1 New features

  • The Configuration Security Checks  now allows you to configure your Backups compliance more freely with the Backups compliance with RTO and RPO requirements check. Now, you can set up the backup frequency and select the databases to backup.

4.1 Fixed issues

  • When exporting a Policy, SQL Secure no longer checks all the checkboxes by default. It only keeps the enabled ones of the exported policy.
  • The results of the snapshot show the 'Weak Passwords' security check identifying the new SQL Login a user created with the password set to one of the passwords from the list of Default Weak Passwords, and flags that as a finding.
  • When the sa login is renamed and disabled, SQL Secure reports a Warning level risk finding.
  • SQL Secure no longer displays Orphaned Users check findings when database users are mapped to certificates.
  • Now the Risk Assessment Report correctly reports the sa account status when it is disabled.
  • The Risk Assessment Report correctly reports when the sa account does not exist on the server.
  • Now SQL Secure Grooming Job runs correctly and as expected.

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