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Tags help you group or organize your instances for better management. For example, use a tag name such as "2012 Servers", to identify all your registered instances that use Microsoft SQL Server 2012, and have quick access to views and details from this group of instances. 

When you register an instance, SQL Elements gives you the option to associate that instance to an existing tag, or to create a new one. For more information on how to register an instance go to  Add your SQL Server Instances section.

The Manage Tags section on the Administration view allows you to manage the complete list of tags for all your environment. 

You can also access the Manage tags option on the Dashboard by clicking the pencil icon of the Tags section on the status right sidebar.

In the Manage tags window you can:

  • Add new tags
  • Edit the list of instances associated with a tag
  • Delete tags


On the Manage tags list of this section, if you click on any tag name, SQL Elements opens the respective dialog window for editing that tag.

Add a new tag

If you select this option, SQL Elements opens a new dialog window.

Type the name of the new tag you wish to add, or type several names separating them with a semicolon. 

Below the name field, you can see a list of your environment´s registered instances; select those instances you wish the new tags to be associated with. Click Save.


  • The tag name must begin with an upper or lowercase alphanumeric character
  • Your tag name must have a maximum length of 20 characters

Edit a tag

Editing a tag lets you rename the tag or change which instances are associated with the tag.

To edit a tag, select the checkbox next to the tag you want to edit and click Edit. You can also access this option by clicking directly on the tag name. 

Type a new name for this tag or check/uncheck the instances that you wish to associate/disassociate this tag with.

You can only edit one tag at a time.

Delete Tags

To delete one or several tags, select the checkbox next to the tag or tags you want to delete and click Delete.

When an instance is deleted, the mappings to its tags are also deleted, but not the tags since they may be used for other instances.

Managing tags for a single or several instances

SQL Elements allows you to manage tags for a specific instance. When you access this option you can choose which tags you want to add or delete for the selected instance. For more information on how to edit tags for single instance, click here. 

You can also edit tags for several instances at a time (bulk editing). You can choose to apply a new tag to a group of instances, for example, or delete a tag from selected instances. For more information on how to bulk edit tags on several instances, click here