Idera common framework provides the functionality to add, edit, and delete users and groups while also managing their roles. SQL Inventory Manager leverage this user role functionality to allow you to easily manage the instance permissions associated with your accounts.

Topics that include steps on managing user accounts and their roles include:

There are three roles available:

  • Administrator
  • User
  • Guest

The Administrator role has privileges to access all instances. If you assign the User or Guest role to a user account, Idera allows you to select whether you want to allow the user to access all SQL Server instances or a select few. Choose the Select Specific Instance option, and SQL Inventory Manager displays the Per Instance Tag and Per Instance lists, as shown in the following image. Select a tag, and the user has access to view all instances under that tag. Note that you can select a combination of tags and individual instances. Click the tag name to view a list of all instances under that tag.

Granting permissions through tags applies to instance tags only. A database tag does not grant Guest users access to the host server unless that server also has that tag.


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