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SQL Safe Backup provides the following new features and fixed issues.

8.7.2 New Features

Amazon S3 Cloud

  • The StorageClass parameter is now available when backing up to Amazon S3 Cloud (AWS S3).

SQL Safe Repository

  • Users can now record the cluster details in the SQL Safe Repository.

8.7.2 Fixed Issues

Azure Cloud

  • SQLSAFE-14448 Backup and Restore operations are allowed on Azure File storage and Azure Blob storage.

Backup / Restore

  • SQLSAFE-13991 Backup and Restore operations of a database from an Untrusted Domain server are successful.
  • SQLSAFE-14381 Backup and Restore operations are allowed from Untrusted Domains.
  • SQLSAFE-14559 Backup and Restore operations are working properly on the Amazon S3 cloud.

CLI Command

  • SQLSAFE-14296 Restore Policies are working properly through CLI commands for backups in the Amazon S3 cloud.

Instant Restore

  • SQLSAFE-13868 Restore Hydration operations can be canceled on the Management Console.

Management Service

  • SQLSAFE-14268 The Management Service is working properly.

Object Level Recovery

  • SQLSAFE-14425 Reference objects are included in Object Level Recovery operations.


  • SQLSAFE-14196 Backup and Restore policies are working properly for the Azure cloud.
  • SQLSAFE-14255 SQL Safe detects when a policy is out of sync.


  • SQLSAFE-14265 The Restore Again option is assigning properly the new path location.

SQL Safe Agent

  • SQLSAFE-14130 In untrusted domains, Windows Authentication is blocked and the SQL Safe Agent authenticates using SQL Server Authentication.


  • SQLSAFE-13889 After the temporary database has been previously backed up, then the repository is upgraded successfully.
  • SQLSAFE-14129 After upgrading SQL Safe Backup, the registration of the Web Console is successful.

Virtual Database

  • SQLSAFE-14626 Virtual Database operations are working properly for both local and remote instances.

8.7.1 New Features

Cloud Support

  • Extended support is now available for cloud backups and restores from Azure and Amazon S3.

Desktop Console

  • The user experience has been improved in the Desktop Console.

Object Level Recovery / Virtual Database

  • The Object Level Recovery and Virtual Database functionalities are now refined and reinforced.

8.7.1 Fixed Issues


  • SQLSAFE-14526 Backup files are now deleted from the temporary download location while performing a

Cloud Storage

  • SQLSAFE-14460 Amazon S3 and Azure cloud storage performance has been improved to load large backup
  • SQLSAFE-14264 SQLSAFE-14513 Restore operations from Amazon and Azure cloud storage through T-SQL
    and CLI commands are now working properly.


  • SQLSAFE-14132 Email notifications are sent properly now after the product upgrade.

Operation Status

  • SQLSAFE-14544 Queued operations are now displayed correctly in the Operation Status window.


  • SQLSAFE-14166 SQLSAFE-14259 SQLSAFE-14280 SQLSAFE-14500 SQLSAFE-14562 Policies performance has
    been improved.

Virtual Database and Object Level Recovery

  • SQLSAFE-14232 Virtual Database and Object Level Recovery operations are now supported in a cluster
    environment after a failover.
    Make sure you set up manually the VDBMetadata directory structure before a Virtual Database operation is
    attempted on an availability group environment.

8.7 New Features

Object Level Recovery

  • The Object Level Recovery functionality is now available in the Desktop Console.


  • Users can now copy policies in the Desktop Console.

Virtual Database

  • The Virtual Database functionality is now available in the Desktop Console.

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